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What is The Adventure Park?

Here's what you can expect when visiting The Adventure Park

The Adventure Park provides climbing and zip lining fun for adventure-seekers from kids to teens to adults.

Groups of these bridges or “elements” link together to form separate trails through the trees. Each trail has at least two zip lines with challenge levels suitable for every age and skill level–from beginner to expert. Each person selects the trail(s) they want and climb at their own pace.




All of our participants receive an instructional briefing before climbing and wear safety harnesses with clips that secure them to safety cables. Our staff is available throughout the Park to answer questions or assist whenever needed.

The Adventure Park is all about active participation. The trails are designed for everyone to participate and enjoy, with difficulty levels designated as Purple, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black and Double Black–similar to ski trails. As climbers progress through the difficulty levels, the bridges require more balance, agility, focus, and arm strength. Your time in the park is not a heart-pumping activity, and you do not have to be in expert physical shape to make it through the trails. There is no ‘correct’ way of crossing the bridges. Each bridge calls upon the climber to find his or her own mix of strategy, balance, and strength.

Other than park rules, the only requirement we have is that your harness be properly worn and you are always attached by one of your carabiners (safety clips) to the safety cables on and between each platform. You will be instructed on how to use the equipment and asked to practice before starting to climb. The Adventure Park uses an “always attached” climbing system, which utilizes “smart” interlocking carabiners. This innovative safety system virtually eliminates the potential of a climber becoming accidentally detached from a safety line while in the trees.

Watch this video to learn more about what to expect on a visit to The Adventure Park.