Do I have to be really fit to do the course?

The Adventure Park is all about active participation. The trails are designed for everyone to participate and enjoy, with difficulty levels designated as Purple, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black and Double Black–similar to ski trails.

As climbers progress through the difficulty levels, the bridges require more balance, agility, focus, and arm strength. There is no ‘correct’ way of crossing the bridges. Each bridge calls upon the climber to find his or her own mix of strategy, balance, and strength.

Your time in the park is active, but you do not have to be in expert physical shape to make it through the trails. 

Most people that lead a generally active lifestyle and are in good health should not have any difficulty in completing many of the trails. You are able to proceed at a pace that is comfortable to you.

Most courses have Early Exits that existing the course without having to reach to end, and of course you are also welcome to take a break between courses.